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Be Positive: Create!

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Be Positive: Create!Here at SIG, we’ve been highlighting creativity recently, due not only to the fact that we value creativity, seek to enhance it in our programs and students, and recognize its importance in our eligibility, but also because this month we recognize the work of Dr. Bonnie Cramond, our 2018 recipient of our Person of SIGnificance award, for her career in developing creativity in education. (You can view her recent webinar on infusing creativity into curriculum here.)

I think we can all agree that being able to think creatively and solve problems creatively is a great asset to have. In fact, Costa and Kallick list it in their 16 Habits of Mind. The Habits of Mind are 16 problem-solving, life-related skills necessary to operate effectively. The 16 habits promote strategic reasoning, insightfulness, perseverance, creativity, and craftsmanship. Key to this habits concept is the idea that using these skills in life helps us to produce positive outcomes.

The authors present the habit associated with creativity as:

Habit #11: Creating, Imagining, Innovating: Think about how something might be done differently from the “norm”; Propose new ideas; Strive for originality; Consider novel suggestions others might make.

What I love about this habit, and creativity in general, is the positive nature of it. When you are thinking creatively about a problem or idea, there is nothing but positivity. The answer or solution is unknown, so there can be no negativity around it. The possibilities are endless, so all ideas have potential for success. A feeling of hope surrounds a possible solution or idea because it is assumed the new idea will improve a situation in some way.

What could be better, if you need cheering up, or need to feel more hopeful about the world, or just want to have fun, than to enlist the creative abilities that reside within you! Imagine a perfect world, build a better mousetrap, or interpret your emotions through the visual and performing arts. There is no end to the ways you can enlist creating, imagining, and innovating to put a positive spin on whatever is on your mind. Isn’t that a positively fantastic habit to encourage in our students and ourselves? Maybe it should be habit #1!


Be Positive: Create!

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