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Math - NSGT

Calculators for Kids (from Mortgage Calculators)
Fun online calculator tools for kids.

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
A great resource for all math teachers.

Math Goodies
Offers math lesson and resources designed to meet NCTM standards.

The Math Journal
Tips and lesson plans for interactive projects.

A+ Math Help
When you utilize this useful site, you get interactive flash cards,
games, a homework helper and help on advanced math problems.

Calculus many not seem as daunting after a trip through this resource.
This site includes detailed graphics and explanations, as well as
formal breakdowns of terms and applications.

Upper Level Math
Annotated guide offers links and reference information to other sites.

Ask Dr. Math
If you have a math question, this site is for you. Teachers can
ask question too in the Teacher 2 Teacher page. Great math forum,
with searchable archives.

Elementary Problem of the Week
This site provides a word problem of the week for your students
to solve. Attention! Be sure to read the problems very carefully.
Perfect for group problem-solving.

PBS Math
Enhancing the teaching of math through web-based technology. A
source for elementary, middle and high school math ideas and projects.

Enchanted Mind: Tangram Puzzles
This site includes some hands-on geometry puzzles that will challenge
and egage middle school students.

Create Your Own Flashcards
This is a simple and easy Flashcard Creator. Just pick what kind of
cards you want based on operation, sets, and sizes. You can print
out flashcards that can be used by students.

Middleschool Math Problems
This is a problem-of-the-week type of site. You class can submit
their solutions to the problems posted weekly and win prizes like

Math (K-8)
This site offers students interactive practice in math. Students
will find hundreds of pages on basic math skills, an explanation of
math concepts, and challenge games. The site is well organized and
is sorted by grade level and math concept.

Math Stories
This is a site containing over 4000 math story problems. Students
can practice story problems listed by both grade and subject. You might
even find some Harry Potter math problems and seasonal problems as

About Today’s Date
This is an “every day” site you students can check out
to find odd and interesting facts about the numerals making up today’s
date, from the book “Numbers: Facts, Figures, and Fiction.”
Activities and challenges related to the featured numbers are also
included. Enjoy!!

Algebra Tutor
Algebra Tutor is a place where students can get help learning how
to write algebra expressions for word problems.

Math Archives
A good math site from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville,
includes teaching materials, math topics and more.

Mathematics Hot List
Franklin Institute Online provides a great list of websites for Mathematics
and Computer Science.

Word Problems for Kids
This site is from Canada and has word problems for Grades 7-12. You can get a hint for the solution if you are having trouble.

Math Resources
This link contains a collection of reliable academic and career resources on a number of subjects, including Math. Students can access free academic journals, professional industry magazines, open courseware, and more.