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Gifted Supervisors: Are You Meeting Your Teachers’ Needs?

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g&t supervisors 2Teachers in gifted education programs, and any educational program for that matter, are often at risk of burnout, due to a multiplicity of reasons. One factor that can add to or diminish the stress of teaching gifted students is how the administrator/supervisor understands and supports the teacher. This blog is an update of an activity I created many years ago when I was both a teacher and a supervisor in a gifted program. Working in both worlds gave me a unique perspective, at least I’d like to think. So, I made a list of all the things I felt were important and have included them in this self-analysis activity. If you’d like to take it, react to each statement by marking the appropriate column. If you feel any item does not pertain to you, answer as you believe you would if faced with the situation. G/T refers to gifted and talented. Enjoy!

G&T supervisors

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