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Meet IMI: Institute of Meaningful Instruction

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IMIAnyone familiar with NSGT/SIG is aware that the emotional well-being of our students is equally as important to us as their academic well-being. That is why we incorporate many social experiences into our programs, encourage students to enjoy a residential learning community experience if they are able, and encourage interaction and bonding in small counselor groups. So I found it very exciting to learn about IMI where students and parents work together to discover what is meaningful to them and how to reach their personal goals within that meaningfulness.

Three years ago, Mark Malady and Ryan O’Donnell were finishing up their master’s degrees in Applied Behavior Analysis and wondered: where can the natural sciences be applied to make the experiences of being human truly meaningful? The answer became the Institute of Meaningful Instruction (IMI) and today IMI is rapidly becoming a leader in the science of self. Mark Malady is an up and coming leader in the science of Behavior Analysis. His expertise in ABA, instructional design and human development provides guidance and direction to IMI’s mission, vision and values.  Ryan graduated in 2013 from the Florida Institute of Technology and received his Board Certification that same year.  Ryan is active in the field of behavior analysis with over 60 professional presentations, posters, or workshops in the past 5 years. Mark and Ryan teamed up with Bryan Hallauer in 2015 to form IMI with the ambitious mission to “Expand the human potential through instructional materials.” With over 9 years of teaching experience in gifted education, Bryan acts as a curriculum consultant and is the customer-facing partner of this exciting project.

IMI offers an online course entitled Exploring Tomorrow. This 4-week online course teaches achievement through goal selection and measurement relative to each parent-student dyad’s unique situation, interests and values. The person-centered curriculum was designed using the accumulation of over 55 years of behavioral science and technology designed to lead participants through a guided conversation about what is truly meaningful, and how to align everyday life with those things. Upon completion of this course, participants will have objective self-generated data that can be used for creating a path towards future aspirations along with the tools to set new goals, change current goals and monitor progress.

We are pleased to announce that IMI is offering all NSGT members a 20% off reduction in the cost of the course. Just use the code NSGT. Regardless of whether you choose to seek the services of IMI or not, we hope you will find all your learning meaningful through whatever path you take!

For more information on IMI, please click these links.

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Barbara Swicord, Ed.D.
CEO, National Society for the Gifted and Talented (NSGT)
President, Summer Institute for the Gifted (SIG)

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