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SELFIES – A Reflection and Evaluation of Self

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SELFIES - A reflection and evaluation of self

In this age of selfies, it is not unusual to see so many people seemingly obsessed with taking continuous photos of themselves so that they can view their image in all kinds of situations–some posed and some in the spur of the moment. As the school year ends, I also think the idea of selfies, of taking a view of oneself, is an apt way to encourage gifted young people to stop and take a “selfie” look at themselves as a form of personal assessment, a measure of the moment, and a window into their futures.

We can turn selfies into an acronym and use it to highlight some of the goals we share for our gifted students. Here at SIG, we’d like to suggest that the letters S E L F I E S remind our amazing young people to take stock of where they are now, contemplate where they’d like to be, and set goals to reach before taking the next snapshot—the next step of their life journey.

So, gifted young people, take that photo and then think about your…

Self-efficacy: Are you satisfied with your ability to achieve the goals that you have? Do you have any vulnerabilities in your personal beliefs about self-efficacy that you wish to strengthen?

Excellence: Have you reached the levels of excellence you wished to achieve at this point in your life in selected areas of study or pursuit? Do you wish to reach higher levels of excellence? If so, how should you go about doing that?

Laughter: How solid is your sense of humor? Do you currently have enough laughter in your life? As laughter is good for your health and happiness, are there ways you can increase its occurrence?

Future: How prepared are you for your future? What decisions are you in the process of making so that your dreams become a reality? Whose help do you need to enlist to get you there?

Initiative: Are you using your capacities to take charge of your goals and dreams, to direct your course of study and to act independently, so that you are navigating your own path?

Exercise: Are you exercising your mental and physical energy to enjoy the best overall health possible? Exercise can provide enjoyment, hone your athletic and physical skills, improve brain functioning, and enhance your overall well-being. What types of lifelong exercise might you engage in?

SIG! Are you engaging in learning outside of school? Like SIG, you can enhance all the area of your SELFIE through enrichment and summer programs and activities. Be sure to seek out additional avenues of learning to expand your knowledge, increase your social engagement, and discover passions that you didn’t know you have! Additional online courses, clubs, trips, local museums, tours, mentorships, lectures, seminars, and much more, can help you further all your selfie-fulfilling goals. Go for it!

How "Selfies" can help gifted students set goals for their future. Pinterest Image

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