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The Thrill of Suspense in Gifted Education

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suspense in gifted education - gifted students - giftedness - gifted and talentedEveryone loves suspense. In literature suspense keeps us engaged, especially if the plot has multiple twists and turns, and if we are sympathetic to the characters.  I think suspense one of the things that is so compelling in gifted education. We have the wonderful opportunity to work with students who have the potential to be surprising in how they react to new ideas and who have the options of making wide-ranging twists and turns as they move toward focusing on products, topics, or issues of passionate interest in their lifelong journeys of discovery—much like a suspenseful novel or movie. You’re just not quite sure what will happen, but you know it will be a fun ride.

How fun and exciting it is as educators and parents of gifted children to anticipate how our students will emerge in the long and short terms of their development. What will they do with that newfound realization that some particular field attracts them at a visceral level? What might they do to solve that problem that concerns them immensely? What might they invent that expresses a solution to that gap or missing information that they see in a current scenario?

Remember, to move these suspenseful student plots along, we, as the coaches and facilitators of learning, have the responsibility to generate those questions, those cutting edge topics, those problems that exist both locally and globally, that prompt the student to provide the rest of the story or plot. The suspense of wondering how the stories will progress is exciting and intriguing. Let’s be sure that we do our part in keeping the suspenseful action in motion, both for their interest and for ours. It really is a fun ride!

All the best,

Barbara Swicord, Ed.D.
CEO, National Society for the Gifted and Talented (NSGT)
President, Summer Institute for the Gifted (SIG)

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